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Email Extractor Outlook tool can fetch email addresses from files of Outlook. This apparatus is efficient to get email ids from bulk of .PST files.

Product Description

Along with files the tool can even get email ids from folders like inbox, draft, spam, outbox, etc. of Outlook. It is a swift & precise finisher that saves ample time & effort of the user. Its features are more extraordinary as compared to its functions.

There is an option through which you can eliminate duplicate ids from the list. Thus you don’t have to go on exploring for the original ones in the list. The email addresses that you have harvested can also be saved in Excel or in Text format to utilize it in future. Thus you get choice to harvest original email ids & also save them.

There is a unique feature called ‘Filter’ in the software. The choice helps you in capturing the email addresses of your requirement. All the features furnished here assist in accomplishing the task precisely in the shortest span of time. These characteristics make it the best tool to fetch email addresses from Outlook.

  • Get email ids in bulk from files of MS Outlook.
  • It can process .PST files of Outlook in infinite number.
  • The tool can also get email ids from folders like Inbox, draft etc. of MS outlook.
  • The list of email ids extracted can be saved either in Excel or Text format.
  • Users can eliminate duplicate addresses from the list & can keep only the original ones.
  • With ‘Filter’ option you can get particular email ids of your requirement.

Q.1. How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?

Register: To register the “Email Extractor Outlook” click on the “Enter Activation Key” Button and fill the Registration Detail with the Activation Code.

Buy : You have to Buy “Email Extractor Outlook” to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it From our Site by Clicking on “Buy Activation Key” button.

Try Demo: You can use demo version of “Email Extractor Outlook” by clicking on “Continue in Demo Version” Button.

The screen shown as below will be display in the un-registered version every time.



Q.2. How to Select a Profile & Extract Email Addresses From MS Outlook?

Extract Email Addresses from Microsoft Outlook:

  • When you run the Email Extractor Outlook, it will ask you to choose a profile in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select a profile and click “Ok” button.
  • It will show you all “Personal Folders” from selected profile in a Tree Structure.
  • Check (Select) the Folder(s) from the Folders Tree and then click “Start Extracting Emails” button.
  • Extraction of Email Addresses from the selected (checked) folders will be start.
  • Process can be stopped whenever you like just click the “Stop” button.

Email Extractor Outlook
Email Extractor Outlook

Q.3. How to Change the Selected Profile in MS Outlook?

Before changing the selected profile, please save extracted email addresses and close all open Microsoft Outlook explorer and click “Choose Profile” button.

  • Choosing the profile Clears all mail folders showing in the tree structure.
  • “Choose Profile” dialog will be shown like below.
  • Select available profile from “Choose Profile” dialog box and click “Ok” button.
Email Extractor Outlook

Add .PST Files to the Profiles:

  • Open “Add .PST files” button on the main window of the software.
  • Select .PST files from the Hard-drive.
  • Selection of .PST files re-fills all mail folders(Personal Flders) of the .PST files.
  • Now you check folders from the Tree structure on left panel for extract emails.

Q.4. How to Filter Extracted Email Addresses?

  • Users can filter the email ids downloaded according to their settings in MS outlook.
  • You can also change the criteria of extracting email ids by going into settings and making changes in the options given.
  • The user can make changes and click on the option “Apply” to save the changes.
  • Now the IDs which you will receive on your screen are filtered.

Email Extractor Outlook

Email Extractor Outlook

Q.5. How to change Settings?

For settings, choose “Tools-> Options…” menu….

  • In the settings window you can set “Search for Duplicate Email Addresses” and “Search from HTML Tags”.
  • “Search from HTML Tags” option allows this software to search emails from HTML tags also. Due to this option searching may take time then usual.
  • Emails Settings helps you to get a clean list of emails by removing unwanted emails.
  • Enter the keyword those you don’t want in emails or specify keyword those must be in emails.

Email Extractor Outlook

Email Extractor Outlook

Q.6. How to Save Extracted Email Addresses?

Extracted email addresses can be saved after buy the software. If you have registered version of “Email Extractor Outlook” then Extracted Email Addresses can be saved in different formats such as .CSV (Opens in Excel), Tab Delimited and .txt files.

Email Extractor Outlook


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