Auto Accept Reject changes

Auto Accept Reject changes


Auto Accept & Reject Changes software is devised to take or deny changes that have been made in Word files.

Product Description

The tool has all the features rigged that can assist in accomplishing the task quickly. It supports files extensions such as .doc, .dot, .docx, .dotm, etc. and almost all formats of MS Word. Users can dump thousands of files in one go or can even dump folder full of word files.

This amazing software also gives you the assurance that the data will be safe & sound in the process. Also the files where the changes have been made can be saved. These files can be kept in a target folder that is chosen by the user only. It accomplishes the job accurately in the shortest span of time. These things make it the best track changes tool in the market at a reasonable rate.

  • Accept or reject track changes in word files.
  • Users can drop infinite number of files or folder full of files.
  • It supports .doc, .dot, .docx, .docm, etc. & almost all formats of word files.
  • The data of files is left untouched by the tool.
  • The files can be saved in a target folder after the process is done.

Q.1. How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?

  • Register : To register the “Auto Accept Reject Changes” click on the “Enter Activation Key” Button and fill the Registration Detail with the Activation Code.
  • Buy : You have to Buy “Auto Accept Reject Changes” to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it From our Site by Clicking on “Buy Activation Key” button.
  • Try Demo: You can use demo version of “Auto Accept Reject Changes” by clicking on “Continue in Demo Version” Button.
Auto Accept Reject Changes
Auto Accept Reject Changes

Q.2. How to Add word Files and Folders to the list?

Step 1: Add Files (.doc, .docx, .rtf).
Add Files – In this step you can add MS Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) files, just click on “Add Files” button to open file dialog box select files you want to add, you can select multiple files. You can also add all files of a selected folder by clicking on “Add Folder” button, it automatically search the selected folder and add all the MS Word supported files.

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Q.3. How to Select Command to Perform Batch Process?

You have to select “Accept Changes” or “Reject Changes” command to apply the actions on listed files and you can also check on “Turn Off Track Changes” to turn off the track changes in listed word files.

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Q.4. How to Start Conversion?

After applying all setting as per your need you have to just click on Start Button
Remove Selected: You can remove the selected files from the file list, to select multiple files in file list use Ctrl or Shift key. You can also remove files by pressing DEL key from Keyboard.
Clear File List: You can remove all files from the file list; it will alert you before removing all files. You can also remove files by pressing DEL key from Keyboard.

Open Target Folder: You can open the location of converted files by click on open target folder button.

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Q.5. How to Change target Location of Output file?

Click on folder option button, a window will be open there you can change output file location.

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Q.6. How to Deactivate Software to transfer to other PC?

Go to Help Menu. Now click on Deactivate option.
Step 1 : Deactivate from current PC.
Step 2 : Install the software on new PC and Register it with same Activation Key.

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Auto Accept Reject Changes

Auto Accept Reject Changes


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